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S/W Dispersion for Skin Feel in Natural Products

Grant Industries has created a s/w dispersion that improves skin feel while allowing for a natural claim.

Improving Tactile Properties of Vegetable Oils with Vegetable Oil-based Esters

Vegetable oil-based esters are shown by the authors to improve the tactile attributes of vegetable oil by lowering its viscosity and improving its spreadability, in addition to providing environmentally friendly options for cosmetic chemists.

Comparatively Speaking: Higher vs. Lower Levels of Surfactant Silicone

Alkyl silicone compounds can be effective in oil-based systems, as they are soluble (i.e. clear when added) and lower surface tension when added to oils. They first lower surface tension by increasing their concentration at the interface, then they form micelles.

Wrinkle-blurring Film Former for Mobility, Stability

Centerchem has introduced a polymer chain network that imparts sensory elegance as well as fine line- and wrinkle-blurring effects in skin care and color cosmetic applications. In addition, it stabilizes w/s and s/w emulsions.

Silky Skin Feel Emulsifier for Color and AP/DEO

This w/s emulsifier was created for color cosmetic and antiperspirant emulsions. It optimizes the dimethicone chain length and the polyether composition to provide a silky skin feel and good emulsification properties.

Palm-derived Dihydroxystearic Acid for Sensory and Technical Applications

Dihydroxystearic acid (DHSA), derived from palm oil- or palm kernel oil-based oleic acid, offers interesting applications since its addition to oily phases and wax gels affects flow and spreading properties. Moreover, it interacts with the surfaces of pigments and fillers, improving color development as well as sensory attributes, as shown here.

Esters from Vegetable Sources with Care Effects for Hair

Esters derived from vegetable sources are becoming increasingly important as a class of active ingredients that deliver effective care benefits when properly formulated into hair cleansing products.

Cooling Agent for After-sun Products

This ingredient cools through a non-drying, evaporative process on skin but unlike existing hydrocarbon and alcohol technologies, it is non-flammable, odorless and reportedly non-ozone-depleting.

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