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Silicone System for Stability, Functionality and Sensory

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, a subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., has launched three silicone products that offer stability, functionality and sensory benefits both as a system or individually.

Comparatively Speaking: Cushion vs. Playtime vs. Hardness

Cushion, playtime and hardness are important to the formulator's quest to tailor the aesthetics of a product. Here, industry expert Tony O'Lenick explains the differences between them and discusses ways to alter the esters in a product to adjust its hardness.

Natural Product/Silicone Hybrid Fluids for Improved Feel

Gelest Inc. has modified natural products with trisiloxanes of low molecular weight siloxanes to introduce a line of cosmetic fluids for improved feel, among other benefits.

Eastman Launches First GEM Technology Ingredient

Eastman Chemical Company has launched the first product manufactured using its proprietary green manufacturing process GEM technology, formerly known as the Eastman Green Biocatalytic Process.

Durable Styling with Film-forming Polyurethane

Bayer MaterialScience will present a film-forming polyurethane dispersion for hair styling at In-Cosmetics in Milan.

Better Makeup Skin Feel with Sucrose Esters

At In-Cosmetics in Milan, Sisterna B.V. will discuss the formulation of w/o and o/w foundations with its sucrose esters, which reportedly are designed for application in makeup formulations to produce an enjoyable skin feel.

Volatile Silicone Oils for D5 Replacement

KCC Silicone, the silicon-based specialty chemical division of KCC Corp., will introduce three D5 alternatives based on a volatile silicone oil at In-Cosmetics in Milan.

Water-soluble Silicone Wax for Clear, Silky-feeling Formulations

Grant Industries Inc. has created a water-soluble silicone wax that delivers a lubricious, silky feel to water-based products such as face toners, serums, gels, wipes and body washes.

Flexible, Durable Silicone Resin

Dow Corning has introduced a silicone resin that forms a flexible, durable film and is resistant to wash-off and rub-off, allowing formulators to create long-lasting, comfortable color cosmetics.

Sensory Guide for Natural Oils

Seatons, the natural oil specialist subsidiary of Croda International Plc, has launched a sensory guide to aid formulation chemists.

Vanillyl Butyl Ether to Topically Induce Blood Cell Flux, Warming Sensation

It has been hypothesized that vanillyl butyl ether (VBE) has the same warming and vasodilation mechanisms as capsicum. Thus, VBE was formulated at various levels into cream formulations and applied topically to the forearms of 21 individuals. Following application, changes in blood cell flux (BCF) were investigated using a laser speckle contrast imager.

Styling Polymer with Tailored Stiffness

Noveon Consumer Specialties, a subsidiary of the Lubrizol Corp., has developed a styling polymer to allow the formulator to tailor the stiffness of the product without significantly changing its viscosity or flow characteristics.

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