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Biomimetic Tripeptides for Improved Dermal Transport

Two novel biomimetic tripeptides, described here, have been found to enhance the delivery of antiaging benefits including collagen stimulation and treatment of mimic wrinkles. The authors describe their application as cosmetic ingredients.

Charged Vesicles for Delivering Actives in Surfactant-based Formulations

The delivery of active ingredients in surfactants has long been a challenge due to the inability of such ingredients to stay affixed to the skin and hair after rinse-off. One solution is a delivery system that enables the encapsulation of actives in charged vesicles.

Lyondell and Salvona Join Forces To Deliver Cooling Agents

Lyondell Chemical Co. has reached an agreement with Salvona Technologies to promote the use of Lyondell's cooling agents with Salvona's delivery systems.

Compass: Getting Into Skin

Research investigating the pathways into and out of the Stratum corneum has led ingredient innovation across the industry. This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine explores nanomeans to penetrate the skin, advises on formulating for sensitive skin, and describes nanoencapsulation to extract and release fragrance.

Nanoencapsulation for Extraction and Release of Fragrance

This article discusses the synthesis of nanoparticles by inverse microemulsion polymerization and evaluates its potential to extract and release the fragrance linalyl acetate. The ability of the liposomes made from phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidic acid to extract organic molecules also was explored.

Foam: The Future of Effective Cosmeceuticals

Foam products are emerging as the future vehicle for the delivery of cosmetic and cosmeceutical active agents. They can deliver active ingredients for a variety of skin conditions such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and cellulite. This review will highlight several advantages of foam.

Multilayer Lamella Vesicles in Oxidative Dye Formulations: Characterization and Performance

Well-structured multilayer lamella vesicle phase encapsulated actives enhance the diffusion of dye intermediates and coupling agents into the hair cortex, reducing the evaporation rate of volatile ammonia in coloring mixtures and showing better bleaching/coloring performance.

Corwood, Biozone Launch New Nanotech Delivery System

Corwood Laboratories, in conjunction with BioZone Laboratories, announced the launch of a delivery system for cosmetic and personal care products.

Natural Antioxidant Delivery System from Engelhard

Engelhard Corp. has launched a new, natural antioxidant delivery system for protecting skin from environmental stresses such UVB rays.

Technology Enables Cleansers as Additive Carriers

Aquea Scientific Corporation announced the launch of its delivery system to enable face wash, body wash, shampoo or conditioning products to deposit cosmeceutical additives.

In Sight--It’s All in the Delivery

Dov Tamarkin, PhD, of Foamix Ltd. (Ness Ziona, Israel), explains how a delivery technology developed for pharmaceutical and ophthalmic applications is penetrating the personal care industry.

Acrux Acquires Rights to Contraceptive Spray Delivery Technology
[Feb. 22, 2006]

Acrux, an Australian company offering technologies for delivering drugs across the skin, announced an agreement with the New York-based Population Council Inc...

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