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Encapsulation Technology for Skin and Hair

Salvona Technologies has launched a technology platform that can be used to encapsulate a wide range of functional ingredients.

Delivering on Time, In Full and On Target: Part I

This first article in a two-part series offers practical information for the cosmetic formulator regarding optimization of skin delivery. It was originally written following a discussion on the technical aspects of topical formulations used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, with the aim to identify future trends in delivery.

Dow Corning and Lipo Collaborate for Microencapsulation

Dow Corning has joined forces with Lipo Chemicals Inc. to feature microencapsulation technology that combines the proven benefits of silicone with customized release for distinctive formulations that engage the senses.

Bench & Beyond: Triggering Controlled Release of Fragrance

This column examines some of the recent patent literature on triggers for controlled release of fragrance and was, itself, triggered by a reading of Andreas Herrmann’s recent review of pro-fragrances in Angewandte Chemie.

Oleic Acid-induced Skin Penetration Effects of a Lamellar Delivery System

The structure and thermodynamic state of the skin’s lipid barrier are correlated with the skin’s penetration profile in this in vitro study using a delivery system composed of phospholipids, oleic acid, oil and water. Elevated percentages of oleic acid in the system affect the lipid barrier’s structure and thermodynamic properties...

Polymer System to Support Fully Dispersable Wipes

Celanese Corp. introduced a polymer system that responds to the need for truly flushable nonwoven products that completely disperse when disposed into water.

Bench & Beyond: Nanoparticles as Delivery Vehicles

For cosmetic applications researchers may need to develop some mechanism that not only delivers the nanoparticles to the skin surface, but also keeps them there.

Compass: When Worlds Colide

This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine looks at the inner and outer worlds of beauty and even delves into the future with a look at what the newest ingredients formulators will use to build formulas of tomorrow.

New Membrane Emulsification Technologies for Production of Micro- and Nanoparticulates

New emerging membrane technologies can be used to produce micro- and nanoparticulates with a defined particle size and narrow size distributions. These new technologies will lead to enhanced product formulation performance through improved product quality.

Nano Pushes the Need for Green

With such a concentrated focus on advancing nano-scale materials, it becomes important to look out for what impact these little guys have on the macro-scale.

Cosmetics Trend for Delivery: Dually Noted

Delivery technologies continue to grab the attention of personal care formulators as developments in the pharma and medical fields, among others, have been modified to more effectively deliver cosmetic effects.

Encapsulation Technologies: Tailored Solutions for Delivery

A variety of microencapsulation techniques can help formulators create innovative personal care product forms with stable cosmetic actives and long-lasting fragrance. This technology summary of microencapsulation serves as an introduction to its potential for high performance personal care products.

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