Berg + Schmidt Launches Lecithin Fractions for Skin Compatibility

Oct 15, 2013

Berg & Schmidt has introduced a range of phosphatidylcholine (PC) fractions of lecithin from either soy or sunflower that can be used to manufacture liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels or formulations that are physiologically related to skin.

Swellable, Nanoporous Organosilica for Extended and Triggered Release

Oct 1, 2013Paul L. Edmiston, PhD, ABS Materials Inc.

Nanoporous organosilica particles were developed to swell upon the addition of organic solvents. These are evaluated here for encapsulating and controlling the release of fragrance. Slower, continuous release was observed, suggesting their ability to extend sensory benefits. In addition, the stimulated release of encapsulated lidocaine was studied, and results implicate their use to deliver cosmetic actives.

Smart Materials for Triggered Release of Cosmetics

Jul 1, 2013Steven Isaacman, PhD, Nanometics LLC; and Michael Isaacman, University of California Santa Barbara

Smart polymers can be engineered to contain reactive molecules, commonly dubbed “molecular switches,” that respond to external stimuli and cause systemic changes to the polymer structure. The specificity of a molecular switch to a single stimulus is critical for controlled release, although multi-triggered systems capable of responding to systematic stimuli are being developed for advanced applications. Herein the authors describe several stimuli-responsive materials that have potential applications for personal care and related biomedical fields.

Formulation Fantasies: A Discussion

Jul 1, 2013Jonathan Hadgraft and Majella E. Lane, University College London

Numerous claims made in the popular press misrepresent the facts about formulations, and cosmetic science is not well-served by this. Here, the authors examine a number of such statements. The influence of skin creams and formulations on the penetration of actives must be communicated in a responsible manner to the public if the industry is to banish prevalent myths.