'Improved Antioxidant Penetration': Letter to the Editor

Apr 24, 2014Steven Abbott, PhD, Steven Abbott TNCF Ltd., UK

A recent Letter to the Editor calls to question some details in the logic presented in an April 2014 Cosmetics & Toiletries article.

Berg + Schmidt Launches Lecithin Fractions for Skin Compatibility

Oct 15, 2013

Berg & Schmidt has introduced a range of phosphatidylcholine (PC) fractions of lecithin from either soy or sunflower that can be used to manufacture liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels or formulations that are physiologically related to skin.

Swellable, Nanoporous Organosilica for Extended and Triggered Release

Oct 1, 2013Paul L. Edmiston, PhD, ABS Materials Inc.

Nanoporous organosilica particles were developed to swell upon the addition of organic solvents. These are evaluated here for encapsulating and controlling the release of fragrance. Slower, continuous release was observed, suggesting their ability to extend sensory benefits. In addition, the stimulated release of encapsulated lidocaine was studied, and results implicate their use to deliver cosmetic actives.