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IBR Shields Skin From Pollution for Anti-aging Benefit

IBR Ltd. created an aqueous extract of Asteriscus Graveolens to shield the skin from pollution damage.

BiotechMarine Cultures Microalgal Cells for Antioxidant Protection

BiotechMarine, a subsidiary of Seppic, launched its first Celebrity macroalgal cell culture innovation.

Bicosome Encapsulates Carotene and Antioxidants for IR/UV Protection

At in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona, Bicosome is launching a complex that boosts the skin's ability to protect against ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Moringa Leaf Phytochemicals for Skin Benefits

This paper describes the development of a stable moringa plant concentrate comprising the extraction and identification of stable actives, via plant metabolites, and the correlation of activity through a variety of in vitro models. The resulting concentrate demonstrated direct and indirect antioxidant benefits and inhibitory action against inflammation and UV-induced MMP-1.

Prod'hyg Debuts Cell Energizing Blackcurrant Bud Extract

At in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, Prod'hyg will be discussing its blackcurrant bud extract that was designed to energize and oxygenate the skin.

Showa Denko Debuts Aqueous Stable Vitamin C Derivative

At in-cosmetics Asia, Showa Denko K.K. will introduce a vitamin C derivative for personal care that is stable in aqueous solutions.

Photoprotection of TiO2 Using Propenoic Acid Esters

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is known to be photocatalytically active. Even with surface modifications, it catalyzes the decomposition of organic materials and promotes the formation of reactive oxygen species. However, a particular propenoic acid ester is shown here to protect TiO2 from inducing such reactions, making it a more effective and safer UV filter.

Natural Sourcing Debuts Mutifunctional Rose Hip Seed Oils

Natural Sourcing has introduced a range of rose hip seed oils for anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-acne and skin healing benefits.

Naturex Introduces Extracts Sourced from Africa

At NYSCC's Suppliers' Day 2013, Naturex introduced Magic of Africa, its new line of extracts sourced from the continent with efficacy, eco-responsibility and sustainability in mind.

Beraca Introduces Anti-inflammatory Active and Moisturizer

At NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2013, Beraca will introduce two new products to the U.S. personal care market: a anti-inflammatory active and a moisturizing oil with high oleic acid content.

Crodarom Debuts Illuminating Flower Extract

Crodarom, a French subsidiary of the Croda Group., introduced a flower extract from Asia that contributes to an illuminated complexion.

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