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Tannin pH Stabilization Against Odors and Irritation from Alban Muller

Alban Muller has introduced a complex that protects against inflammation while preventing the unpleasant smell associated with perspiration.

Addressing Melanin and Irritation for an Even Skin Tone

Laboratoires Expanscience has processed schizandra berries to create an active that soothes redness and irritation while decreasing melanin synthesis for a more even complexion

Oat Cosmetics Rebrands Oat-based Ingredients

Oat Cosmetics has rebranded their range of oat-based cosmetic ingredients. This news follows the launch of the company's organic colloidal oatmeal and superfine oat flour.

Hexapeptide to Reduce Inflammation in Sensitive Skin

At in-cosmetics 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, Lipotec introduced a hexapeptide manufactured by its peptide brand Aimtec that attenuates neurogenic inflammation to relieve itch and discomfort in sensitive skin.

Organic Colloidal Oatmeal and Oat Flour

Oat Cosmetics is launching organic versons of its best-selling natural oat flours at SCS Formulate.

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