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Biodegradable Exfoliant, Binder Powders

Micro Powders Inc. will launch biodegradable powders at the NYSCC Suppliers' Day that are made from renewable resources for formulation into exfoliants, lotions and color cosmetics.

Emulsion Stabilizer Derived from Orange Pulp

Fiberstar Inc. will launch an emulsion stabilizer derived from orange pulp with a chemical composition that imparts both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties during In-Cosmetics in Paris.

Characterizing Nanoemulsions Prepared by High Pressure Homogenization Under Various Emulsifying Conditions

The present study examines formulations prepared using similar oil fractions and differing emulsifier systems and process parameters to determine why their behaviors differ. Results showed that ethoxylated emulsifier systems were the most stable, and that beyond a certain number of cycles, high pressure homogenization did not significantly improve the quality of the product.

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