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Shea Butter Emulsifier for Aqueous Formulations

This patent-pending, natural shea butter allows formulators to add high levels of shea functionalities including emoliency and unsaponifiables (6-8%) to aqueous formulations between 1-20%.

Feasibility Study of Sago Starch for Perfumed and Cooling Body Powders

In the present article, sago starch-containing perfumed and cooling body powders are formulated and their physicochemical properties for potential skin irritation are examined. The results indicate that sago starch could potentially be used as the main component in body powders.

Naturally Derived Pearlizing Compound for Bath/Shower

Colonial Chemical has developed a concentrated dispersion of pearlizing compounds for bath and shower applications that is free of sulfates and ethylene oxide.

Cyclic-free Silicone Emulsifier for W/O Emulsions

The emulsifier is especially useful in liquid foundations where it assists in dispersing color pigments.

Gel to Enhance Boron Nitride Powder

Momentive Performance Materials introduced a personal care gel designed to enhance the benefits of boron nitride powder.

Hyperbranched Polyalphaolefins Enhance Anhydrous Stick Formulations

Hyperbranched polyalphaolefins offer distinctive functional and aesthetic properties due to their branch-on-branch configuration. In anhydrous stick formulations containing polyethylene or other crystalline waxes, the addition of hyperbranched polyalphaolefins is shown in this article to lower pour points by as much as 10C, increase gloss, modify structure and improve formula stability.

Eco-solubilizer for Essential Oils and Fragrances

Sinerga has introduced a mild and ecological solubilizer able to replace the aggressive non-ionic surfactants deriving from polyethylene.

Fluorosilane Treatment to Improve Pigment Blooming

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies—LCW has introduced a fluorosilane treatment (FS) for inorganic and organic colorants, fillers and color extenders.

Bentonite Clay for Natural Products

R.T. Vanderbilt Co. Inc. has introduced a natural bentonite clay that is recommended as a suspension stabilizer, emulsion optimizer and rheology modifier for topical personal care products.

Find Stability with Meadowfoam Oil

Meadowfoam oil has raised its profile as a key ingredient in personal care products, primarily due to its oxidative stability. Reportedly, it also can extend the shelf life of other less-stable ingredients.

Polymer System for Nonwoven Products

Celanese Corp. has introduced a new polymer system that responds to the need for flushable nonwoven products that completely disperse when disposed into water.

A Bentonite Clay for Organic Products

R.T. Vanderbilt has created a natural bentonite clay specifically for organic personal care products.

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