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A Polyglucuronic Acid to Target the FIAF Adipokine for Slimming Effects

Effective slimming actives should reduce lipogenesis, increase lipolysis, promote fatty acid release and improve skin firmness. Here, the authors describe the development of such an active based on polyglucuronic acid. Further, this material is shown to act on a new biological pathway involving the fasting-induced adipose factor (FIAF) adipokine.

Essential Ingredients Introduces Non-irritating USP Benzoyl Peroxide

Essential Ingredients has spent years studying benzoyl peroxide in acne application to launch a non-irritating form of the ingredient.

Alban Muller Introduces Natural Anti-aging and Antioxidant Ingredients

Alban Muller has introduced two new ingredients: an anti-aging active that combines hibiscus and baobab and an antioxidant from rosemary that protects oil-soluble ingredients and cosmetic formulations.

A Peptide to Influence the Melanogenic Symphony of Skin Pigmentation

Inspired by the roles of transforming growth factor-β and MITF in skin pigmentation, an active based on oligopeptide-68 was developed to influence these entities. In vitro, oligopeptide-68 is shown to abrogate the stimulatory effects of α-MSH on melanin pigment formation. In addition, clinical results demonstrate the peptide imparts significant and progressive whitening/lightening effects on skin.

Targeting the Hair Follicle Basement Membrane to Improve Growth Conditions In vitro

Signal transductions mediated by integrins are shown to be involved in hair growth and development. Here, the authors investigate the effect of a botanical corn extract on the expression of different integrins via in vitro measurements of hair shaft elongation. Scalp biopsies show the daily application of the active may improve hair elongation.

Sederma Targets MicoRNAs to Fade Senescence

Sederma targets microRNAs in its new launch to fade the signs of senescence, thereby reducing the appearance of age.

Cosmetic Peptides and Consumer Communication: A Q&A with Lipotec's Cristina Carreño, PhD

Cosmetics & Toiletries sat down with Lipotec's Cristina Carreño, PhD, at Suppliers' Day 2013 to talk about peptides, advances in anti-aging skin care and ways for suppliers and manufacturers alike to better communicate skin care science to the consumer.

Repairing Hair with Natural Actives

The present article reviews the structure of hair and various types of hair damage, demonstrating that repair treatments must intervene at several levels within hair. While film-forming agents are often used, they slow or prevent the penetration of actives. A hair serum including natural actives and omitting these film-formers was thus formulated and tested for its repair capabilities.

Formulating with Naturals—Anti-aging Actives

To provide consumers an anti-aging benefit, finished products and ingredients must ameliorate both firmness and lines and wrinkles. The loss of firmness, attributed primarily to the loss of underlying dermal support, is both a sign of skin aging and a cause of most lines and wrinkles. Thus, improving this underlying matrix to enhance skin’s appearance should be a key feature of anti-aging product performance.

Human Growth Factors as Natural Healers: Current Literature and Application

The medical community’s research toward the advancement of healing and tissue regeneration has identified Human Growth Factors (HGF) as critical components in cutaneous wound healing, suggesting their potential for skin cell rejuvenation. Here, the author reviews the present work in this area and proposes HGFs for skin regeneration and reparative products, providing an example.

Stimulating Epidermal Regeneration with Plant-derived Stem Cells

Here, the authors describe mechanisms of stem cells and their potential for antiaging benefits. Cultures established from apple and grape varieties using a specialized culture technology revealed that aside from stimulating colony forming efficiency (CFE) and organogenic potential, the extracts improved the maintenance of epidermal stem cells. In addition, the grape extract provided UV protection.

Eye Lift and Lightening Active from Sederma

Sederma has created an active that improves the appearance of the eye area. Beautifeye (INCI: Not Provided) takes a dual-action approach to treat the contour of the eye.

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