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Sederma's Biotech Institute Identifies New Active: Irbic Acid

A new bioactive molecule from the Centella asiatica plant, irbic acid, has been discovered by researchers at Sederma’s Instituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche (IRB).

Essential Ingredients Creates Water-soluble Salicylic Gel for Skin Care

Essential Ingredients has created a 40% salicylic acid gel that is safe, stable, effective and meets the United States Pharmacopeia's Salicylic Acid Gel Monograph.

Enriched Shea Extract to Target ZAG for Anti-cellulite Effects

In humans, the ZAG protein is a modulator of fat mobilization. The present paper identifies an unroasted shea butter extract, enriched in viminalol esters, as a stimulator of ZAG expression and secretion by keratinocytes in vitro. Further, a complex containing the extract is shown to significantly improve the appearance of cellulite within 28 days of application in a clinical setting.

Induchem and Biomod Collaborate for Skin Whitening Gloves

At in-cosmetics Asia, Induchem presented its collaboration with Biomod on whitening and advanced rejuvenation skin care gloves.

DSM Personal Care Launches Retinol for Anti-aging Skin Care

DSM Personal Care is expanding its skin care portfolio with a vitamin A for anti-aging.

Seppic Unveils Lipoamino Acid Whitening Booster for Japanese Market

Seppic has created a skin whitening booster specifially to comply with quasi-drug (QD) regulations in Japan.

Silab Introduces Milk Thistle for Slimming/Anti-cellulite Effect

Silab has introduced a milk thistle extract designed to produce a slimming and anti-cellulite effect.

Merck Launches Self-tanning and Lightening Actives

Merck has added two new actives to its RonaCare brand of cosmetic ingredients—one for self-tanning without UV exposure and one to lighten and illuminate the skin.

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