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Rice Grain Hair Color/Damage Protection

Provital Group has launched an active derived from rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) to protect the hair fiber and color from sun damage.

Ingredient Profile—Salicylic Acid

2-Hydroxybenzoic acid, or salicylic acid (SA), is among the most important medicinal compounds ever discovered. Since ancient times, humans have benefited from the therapeutic effects of naturally occurring SA precursors, which readily metabolize to SA and provide analgesic, anti- inflammatory and antipyretic benefits.

Slimming Active from Pink Peppercorn

Codif Recherche et Nature utilized the lipolytic properties of the Brazilian pepper tree to create its latest slimming active.

Azeloyl Tetrapeptide-23 for Oxidation, Glycation

Sinerga has developed an anti-aging peptide to reduce oxidative damage and inhibit the glycation of dermal proteins.

Three Extracts for Skin Whitening/Brightening

IBR Ltd. has developed a complex comprised of three anti-aging compounds for skin lightening and whitening.

pH Control for Skin Sensitivity Reduction

The Provital Group has created an active that controls the pH of skin to reduce its reactivity and sensitivity.

Titrated Centalla Asiatica for Skin Anti-aging

Serdex, a division of Bayer Santé Familiale has titrated an extract of Centella asiatica for its anti-aging properties on skin.

Dragon's Blood Antioxidant for Skin Protection

Naturex has used sap from the Croton Lechleri tree to create an antioxidant-rich active that promotes and protects skin health.

Fenugreek Support for Skin Structure

At In-Cosmetics in Milan, Greentech launched a new anti-aging active designed to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cinnamomum subavenium Found to Safely Whiten Skin

Research presented at the American Chemical Society national meeting indicates that actives derived from the evergreen bush Cinnamomum subavenium may be employed to safely and more effectively lighten the skin than current actives.

Safflower Bud Extract for Anti-aging Skin Care

At In-Cosmetics in Milan, Jan Dekker introduced a safflower bud extract compound with anti-aging benefits for skin care. This compound was cultivated utilizing the company's method to control the environment and reduce soil contaminants.

Argan Dermal Stem Cell Regeneration

Mibelle Biochemistry has launched an active based on argan stem cells that was created to vitalize and protect dermal stem cells for an anti-aging effect on skin.

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