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TCM-inspired Active for Asian Skin Anti-aging

Sederma has developed an anti-aging active based on traditional Chinese medicine.

A Compound to Increase Natural CoQ10 for Anti-aging Benefits

Oxidative stress is a major factor in skin aging, thus a topical compound was designed to increase anti-oxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) within the body. Described here are in vivo and in vitro studies assessing the compound’s antioxidant and anti-aging capabilities. Results indicate that the modulation of intracellular CoQ10 and its binding proteins appears to protect skin from oxidative damage.

Bentonite-encapsulated Complex for Body Improvement

Lucas Meyer has launched an active that addresses the three major undesirable body skin characteristics—stretch marks, cellulite and firmness.

Borhaavia diffusa Lightening Active

Provital aims to lighten and prevent hyperpigmentation with an extract of Borhaavia diffusa.

Konjac Root Wrinkle-filling-Spheres

BASF Beauty Creations, the cosmetic active ingredient business of BASF, has introduced a new sphere active that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this time with konjac root powder.

Pea Sprout Hair Growth Active

At in-cosmetics Asia 2012, Mibelle Biochemistry is launching a pea sprout-based active designed to fight hair loss.

Polyphenol Skin Lightener and Brightener

Berkem has developed Polynektars, a new range of plant-based cosmetic active ingredients based on polyphenols.

Stomach Fat Slimming Active

Sederma has developed a slimming active ingredient designed to reduce stomach fat through three approaches.

Anti-aging Active With Luminotherapy-like Effects

Silab has introduced an anti-aging active that synchonizes skin in a similar way to luminotherapy (light therapy) with lindera oligo-alpha-glucans.

From Elastin to Elastic Fibers, Part II: The Clinical Effects of a Natural Dipeptide on the Biological Cascade

The peptide N-Acetyl-Tyr-Arg-Hexadecylester (NATAH), found in Part I to stimulate the production of elastic fibers in vitro, was next tested in vivo for its capacity to improve skin elasticity parameters, using various biophysical and imaging techniques. Significant differences in facial ptosis and extensibility were observed in the 56-day, vehicle-controlled clinical study described here.

Erythrulose and DHA Self-tanning Compound

Spec-chem Industry Inc. has launched a self-tanning solution.

Anti-cellulite Active

Symrise treats cellulite from three different angles with its latest active launch.

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