Apple Stem Cell Active for Antiaging

Feb 26, 2008 | Contact Author | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Apple Stem Cell Active for Antiaging
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Mibelle Biochemistry has combined nature and science to create an active based on apple stem cells. Using a novel, patent-pending plant cell culture technology, the company introduced its PhytoCellTec (INCI: Malus domestica fruit cell culture (and) xantham gum (and) glycerin (and) lecithin (and) phenoxyethanol (and) water (aqua)). The company reports that dedifferentiated callus cells from a rare apple were developed for incorporation into the active ingredient. This active has been shown to protect skin stem cells and delay the senescence of hair follicles.

According to the company, apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites that assure the longevity of skin cells. The application of plant cell cultures to maintain the function of skin stem cells is a breakthrough in antiaging. For more information, visit: