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Researchers Question Safety of Aluminum in Sunscreens

The safety of aluminum in sunscreens and sunblocks is being questioned by scientists at the Birchall Centre for Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science at Keele University.

Wipes: Recently Disclosed Intellectual Property

Traditionally, soaps and personal cleansers are deposited on washcloths or sponges before being applied to the body. More than a decade ago, convenience products were introduced in the form of surfactant-impregnated dry woven or nonwoven cloths. Several new patents have recently been issued in the area of wipes, which are described here.

UV Protection via "Scattered" Thought

A new invention by AmorePacific acts on uniform polymer-coated inorganic nanoparticles with enhanced UV-scattering and emulsion dispersion characteristics.

EWG Sunscreen Ratings Stir Controversy; CTFA Backs FDA

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has stirred up the sun care industry with its recent survey and ranking of 780+ sunscreens.

AAD Names Most Sun-smart Cities

People in Washington, D.C., and New York City are the most sun-smart, while those in Chicago are the least, according to an American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) survey.

W/O Sunscreen Formulation

The following formulation is a o/w emulsion sunscreen formulation.

Film-Forming Polymers as a Strategy for Sunscreen Efficacy

Acrylic-based film-forming polymers lend properties of water resistance to both traditional and nontraditional sunscreen formulations. Dehydroxanthan gum is a film-forming polymer, a rheology modifier and an SPF booster in sunscreen systems containing zinc oxide. Illustrations are provided...

High Protection Sun Spray

Arkema has developed this sun spray formulation to provide formulators with the opportunity to combine comfort and efficiency for high SPF sun care formulations.

Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin

The following formula is a w/o sun cream formulated for sensitive skin by Degussa.

p53 Protein: Inducing Sun-seeking Behavior?

The p53 protein has not only been shown to prompt the skin to tan in response to UV light, it also may reduce sun-seeking behavior.

W/O Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin

This formulation is a sun cream for sensitive skin.

Preventing Skin Cancer with Topical Brown Algae

An animal study by the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center has indicated that topically applied brown algae may prevent skin cancer.

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