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Transparent, Water-resistant Sun Care Formulations Developed

Ashland Specialty Ingredients has launched water-resistant sun care formulations that are transparent on skin, even in the presence of water.

Dispersions: Making UV Protection as Easy as ABC

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is becoming the UV filter of choice for many formulators due to its exceptional mildness and safety, and its inherent broad-spectrum UV protection profile. Consumers are attracted to it due to its natural appeal as a mineral UV filter.

Lab Lessons—Wise Words From the Bench With Claudie Willemin

Claudie Willemin sees legislative and regulatory requirements in a more positive light: as an opportunity for innovation. This attitude has built her successful career of more than 20 years in the cosmetics industry, some of which she recounts here.

Sunscreen, Actives Stabilizer

The HallStar Company will showcase recent innovations using its ethylhexyl methoxycrylene photostabilizer, which stabilizes sensitive ingredients and enables sunscreen formulators to meet and exceed international requirements for sun care.

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