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Antiaging Sunscreen Lotion

Sasol introduces a formula for a sunscreen that fights aging.

In Sight: Stopping the Sun

With global warming ever-increasing the penetration of the sun, the emergence of sun care innovation is not only beneficial but vital. Many have high hopes for ecamsule, but as of now, it scope remains limited.

Compass: Sun Exposé

From preserving youth to expanding the limits of the color palette, this issue of C&T magazine serves as your guide to answering formulating conundrums.

Galactoarabinan as a Natural SPF Booster

Studies presented here show that GA reduces emulsion particle size and facilitates the aqueous dispersion of particulate materials, thus demonstrating how it improves the SPF of organic, inorganic and mixed sunscreen preparations.

Silicones Bring Multifunctional Performance to Sun Care

Silicones give formulators choices for a variety of high-performance sun care products and delivery systems. Silicones can boost SPF, add wash-off resistance and help prevent sand from sticking to the skin.

Sun Care Products Boost Protection

The summer sun is blazing and skin protection is on many minds. With unique ingredients and features, these new sun care products are beating the heat.

Beyond Sun Care: Meeting Added Demands

Sun care is no longer about which SPF to choose. It has evolved past SPF and ventured into new arenas. Although sun products still protect consumers from the sun, they also can protect from other elements of nature.

Hawaiian Tropic Introduces New Approach to UVA Protection

UVA rays. According to Hawaiian Tropic, Avobenzone can degrade over time but is the most successful UVA screen.

Glowing in White Puts Brides at Risk

Strapless and backless wedding gowns are on the rise, and as a result, more women are hopping in the tanning bed and potentially endangering their lives.

Sun Care Formulary

Featuring sun care lotions, creams, sprays and more submitted by raw material suppliers.

Sunscreens: A Closer Look

Differences of opinion pervade the sun care industry—from how to measure UVA/UVB protection, to educating consumers on proper use of sun protection products. Several debates are raging (see Global Sun Care Debates). To serve the spirit of harmonization in our industry and to better define this expanding market, C&T magazine takes a closer look this month at differences of opinion on the definition of the term sunscreen.

Compass--Everything Under the Sun

Sunscreen potions, self-tanners and bronzing dusts proliferate as northern regions cycle into summer. Some consumers want a tanned, summer glow to their skin, while others demand safeguarding from UV radiation as skin cancer cases continue to rise worldwide.