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Silicone Fluid to Stabilize Avobenzone

Hallstar has developed a silicone fluid to enhance the stability of the UVA filter avobenzone by quenching its excited state, as well as improve the feel and spreadability of sunscreen formulations.

UVB/UVA Protection for the Face

Shiseido has launched four new sunscreens that protect skin against UVA and UVB radiation, which can lead to cell damage, sunburn and premature signs of aging.

Envisioning SPF

The sun care industry faces several challenges, including testing and measuring SPF, questions over the safety of nanotechnology, sunscreen stability, broad-spectrum protection, and inconsistent regulations for allowed UV filters and their combinations. Some of these challenges have plagued product developers for years, thus the industry has had time to develop the means to meet some of them. Recent work in these areas is the primary focus of this issue of C&T magazine.

Controlling Hydroxyl Radical Formulation in TiO2 Sunscreens

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an effective sunscreen agent but its rutile form may produce hydroxyl radicals upon exposure to sunlight. Thus, the authors use salicylic acid as a capture agent to examine the development of free radicals in solutions or creams containing TiO2. They also explain how the choice of emulsion may reduce free radical generation.

Under Control

Controlling variables and understanding how any change in them affects an outcome is an important part of conducting valid scientific research—and as the industry knows, it can make or break any claims substantiation work.

Hawaiian Tropic Launches SPF 80 Sunscreen Spray

Hawaiian Tropic has added to its Ozone line with a sunscreen spray that offers an SPF of 80.

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