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A Review of Current Sunscreen Formulation Techniques and Technology

The author reviews several sunscreen formulations currently on the market and discusses their effectiveness and formulation strategies.

Formulating Water-resistant Sunscreen Emulsions

Note that today we aren't permitted to use the term "waterproof" since the FDA believes that this term implies an absolute-it never washes off-and feels that consumers might be inclined not to reapply sunscreen after swimming or perspiring. So, we must now use the term "very water resistant" in its place.

The South Beach Sunscreen Survey 2001

A scientific survey of sunbathers on Miami's South Beach in July 2001 helps answer the questions, "How much sunscreen SPF protection do I need?" and "What are consumers really using?"

Sunscreen Formulation and Testing

The author reviews SPF testing methods and sunscreen components (actives, active solvents, water-resistance agents and emulsifiers) that assist the formulator in the art and science of sunscreen formulation.

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