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Polynesian Beach Ingredients

Thanks to the efforts of a group of the main producers in Polynesia, ingredients from its beaches are being marketed to manufacturers of beauty products; from lagoon water to bamboo powder.

Interview with Cherie Dobbs

Cherie Dobbs, CEO of Dermastart Inc., was interviewed by C&T magazine in an effort to achieve more understanding of the professional skin care market.

Origins Formulates with Matcha and Tumeric

Origins' Dr. Andrew Weil collection draws on the restorative and preventative properties of matcha in its latest launch.

Olive Skin Lotion

The following formulation is for a skin lotion, designed to moisturize with a combination of olive oil and jojoba oil.

Compass: Skin Buzz

Tuning into the “buzz” of consumer demand for organic products, skin tanning and lightening, sensitive skin formulas and deeply penetrating treatments, C&Tmagazine offers this collection for your consideration. Nothing is more of a buzzkill on a product launch than consumer rejection.

Dutch Personal Care Market Reports Growth

The Dutch cosmetics market grew 4% in 2006.

Moisture-rich Lip Balm

The following moisturizing lip balm from Abitec Corp. incorporates soybean and cottonseed oil.

Jojoba Skin Cream

The following formulation is a jojoba conditioning skin cream.

Ukranian Market Sees Cosmetics Growth

The Ukrainian cosmetics and perfumery market gained 18% in 2006 to reach US$1.8 billion.

Grape Seed Extract Proves Useful Against Skin Cancer

A study has reported that grape seed extracts may prevent skin cancer by boosting the immune system.

Rahn Creates Bust-firming Complex

Rahn Cosmetics has created a plant-based complex of active ingredients that support the natural process of lipid deposition to enhance bust area.

Voss Labs Releases Stem Cell Skin Care

Voss Laboratories has released a small supply of its stem-cell based antiaging cream, Amatokin, in the United States.

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