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Cream Facial Cleanser

The following cleanser is formulated with sodium cocoyl alaninate to improve the foamability of a potassium myristoyl gutamate facial wash.

Blue Bead Facial Cleanser

The following formula is a facial cleanser that utilizes blue spherical beads to provide a unique visual effect.

In Sight: Balancing Skin's Microflora with Probiotics

Soon after the nutrition industry recognized the benefits of probiotics, the personal care industry began researching its application in skin care.

What is a Superceutical?

Priori Biogengineered Skincare, a line that features idebenone, is being launched in the United States.

Kiehls Calms Skin with the Tiger Herb

Kiehl's is formulating with Centella asiatica in one of the latest two additions to its Dermatologist Solutions line.

Chelating Complex to Detoxify Heavy Metals on Skin

MD Skincare is launching serums this fall that detoxify heavy metals in water and on the skin.

Active Foaming Face Mask

The following formula is a DEA, sulfate-free active foaming face mask utilizing talc and cosmosphere technology. It is said to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and stimulate the surface of the skin without irritation.

New Ingredients in Anti-cellulite Formulations

Some of the latest anti-cellulite launches are being formulated with ingredients such as birch oil or sap, ruscus, juniper berries, oil of cypress and bayberries.

Young Adult Line Formulated with Blue Ginger PFA

Chanel will launch its first skin care line directed at twenty- and thirty somethings this September.

Agarose Self-tanning Lotion

This formulation incorporates a pure, neutral seaweed-derived gelling polymer that provides a clean, non-greasy skin feel and excellent gel rub-out in self-tanning lotions.

Personal Care For Professional Use

In spas, products are being used on clients that are more concentrated than mainstream products. These products are for professional use only, and are not released at mass retailers. This interview delves into the world of personal care for professional use only.

Vegan Nail Brand Expands into Body Care

SpaRitual, a brand that offers vegan nail polishes, is expanding into a line of body care products.

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