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Cuticle Coat for Thermal Protection

Dow Corning offers a cuticle treatment formula that exhibits shine, strong conditioning and thermal protection properties.

Volatile Siloxane Fluid for Personal Care

Dow Corning has created a volatile alkyl methyl siloxane fluid to enhance personal care applications.

Food for Your Face

The health benefits from food have been translated into skin care for the launch of Befine.

Bench & Beyond: Pep Talks and Peptides for Spa Professionals

This column looks at skin care products sold in spas and doctors’ offices and asks if the sellers of those products are getting all the ingredient information they need.

Recent Advances in Slimming Treatments

Slimming treatments address a number of targets in skin physiology, including: improving microcirculation, strengthening and protecting the connective tissue, and decreasing adipocyte contents. Traditional and newer approaches to slimming treatments employ a number of ingredients to achieve such ends.

Aquamarine Lotion

The following is a lotion created by Presperse Inc.

Yogurt and Probiotics Nourish Healthy Skin with New Product Developments

Yogurt has many known health benefits, but it is continuing to gain ground for its beauty benefits. More recently, yogurt has also been linked to promoting healthy skin and hair.

Study Finds Slump in Foot Care Sales

A recent report on foot care has revealed that the manufacturers of these products should encourage consumers to take a chance on focused foot care.

Duct Tape is No Treatment for Warts

An Archives of Dermatology has recently stated that the myth about warts and duct tape is wrong.

In Sight: Water from the Outside-in

Water conventionally has been used in personal care as the starting ingredient in formulations, but rarely has it been the single ingredient in an aerosol delivery system. When Drew Aultman, founder and president of Watersall started her company she decided to focus on water... literally just water.

Are Depilatories Threatened by Spearmint Tea?

Recent research by Turkish researchers may suggest that unwanted hair in women can be decreased with spearmint tea consumption.

Study Predicts Chinese Personal Care to Surpass the US

A Kline & Company study has found the Chinese market for professional skin care products to have grown 15% in 2006.

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