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Well-being in Personal Care: An Interview with Meyer Rosen

Wellness is a concept from ancient times that has for years been reflected in spa market. The concept of wellness has also translated into cosmetics and personal care, oftentimes through “accompanying” fragrances designed to elicit an emotional response of relaxation...

Skin Care Formulary

The skin care formulary is a showcase of personal care formulas submitted to Cosmetic &Toiletries magazine by the industry.

Study Finds Women Are Not Washing Face Properly

A study by the British Skin Foundation has reported that 50% of people who wear make up in the United Kingdom are damaging their skin by not removing their makeup before going to bed.

Support for Cosmeceutical Efforts

Zoe Diana Draelos of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine recently reported on the latest cosmeceutical approaches for antiaging and her assessment of their efficacy.

After Birth Secretion Formulated into Skin Care

Le Mystére LLC, a lingerie marketer, has created a skin care line formulated with the after-birth secretion of a milk cow.

Double Chin Slimming Serum

This formula is said to visibly reduce the double chin and reshape the facial contours.

Luxe Body Lotion

This light lotion delivers a stable emulsion with an elegant feel.

Protein-protected Emollient Spheres

A new oilbody line of ingredients utilizes a technology in which the protein-protected emollient spheres are harvested fully intact and without traditional chemical seed crushing methods.

Biotech Company Branches Into Personal Care

Novogen Limited, an Australian biotechnology company, announced a collaboration agreement to develop cosmetic applications.

Cream Facial Cleanser

The following cleanser is formulated with sodium cocoyl alaninate to improve the foamability of a potassium myristoyl gutamate facial wash.

Blue Bead Facial Cleanser

The following formula is a facial cleanser that utilizes blue spherical beads to provide a unique visual effect.

In Sight: Balancing Skin's Microflora with Probiotics

Soon after the nutrition industry recognized the benefits of probiotics, the personal care industry began researching its application in skin care.

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