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Automatic Antibacterial Hand Soap Launched

The No-Touch Hand Soap System and antibacterial soap said to kill 99.9% of bacteria, including E.coli, MRSA and Strep.

Formulate This: Inverse Emulsions

Cosmetics & Toiletries presents "Formulate This,” a new column highlighting commonly asked formulating questions with answers provided by seasoned industry experts. In the present discussion, industry expert Ken Klein discusses inverse emulsions.

Hydrophilic vs. Lipophilic Moisturizers: Penetration Profiles and SC Water Distribution

A recent studying examining study published in Experimental Dermatology examined hydrophilic and lipophilic moisturizers, finding that they have similar penetration profiles but different effects on stratum corneum (SC) water distribution in vivo.

Formulating Results

My resolution to you, dear reader, is to help you achieve success in the New Year through the Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) brand. How might I do this? By listening.

Actives Innovation Grows in India

Frost & Sullivan has classified India's beauty market as a "fertile breeding ground" for active ingredient companies who may benefit from developing ingredients with increased benefits and multi-application profiles.

Amino Acid Blend for Collagen Boost

The serum is formulated to minimize the breakdown and help retain collagen by counteracting the effects of skin scavengers, including free radicals, sugar and MMPs, while stimulating the skin to continually produce its own natural collagen.

Mintel Predicts Protective Skin Care and Mood-altering Ingredients for 2010

Despite the economic recession, Mintel Beauty Innovation predicts that the personal care industry will continue to innovate in 2010. To that end, the company has forecast the top beauty trends for 2010.

Superfruit Concentrates for Skin and Hair Care

Symrise has launched fruit concentrates for skin and hair care. The company has expanded its Actipone product line to include superfruits such as acerola, cranberry and pomegranate.

J&J Adds Lip Therapy to Neosporin Brand

Johnson & Johnson has added a healing lip line to its Neosporin brand of skin healing products.

Metabolism of Vitamin D in Skin: Benefits for Skin Care Applications

The skin innately possesses metabolic pathways and receptors to protect against external assaults. Here, one protective component, 7-dehydrocholesterol or provitamin D, naturally present in the skin, is described, which serves as the precursor for active metabolites that influence the formation and maintenance of barrier function, the activation of antimicrobial peptides, photoprotective activities, and protection against senescence.

Ingredients–Add or Subtract?

The availability of an increasing number of ingredients is making the job of the formulating chemist more difficult. Joe Lin, PhD gives some insight into how to address this issue.

'Generation Z' Antioxidants

Here, Julie K. Salmon, MD, a dermatologist at Southwest Skin Specialists, discusses innovative antioxidants that are particularly beneficial in skin care.

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