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Formulation Approaches to Acne

Two solutions to treat acne might be considered by formulators. The first involves a cocktail of four ingredients while the second involves a single ingredient that addresses multiple symptoms.

Customizing Skin Serum, Supplements to Individuals' DNA

GeneLink BioSciences Inc. has launched HelixLife, a line of supplements and skin serums tailored to an individual's DNA.

Meadowsweet and Tiger Lily for Decolletage Tightening/Firming

Lush has combined the lifting effect of meadowsweet with the tightening effect of tiger lily to create a cream that improves the look of the decolletage.

St. John's Wort to Soothe and Repair Acneic Skin

Mario Badescu has formulated with green tea, aloe vera and St. John's Wort in an oil-free, lightweight, daily facial lotion that protects skin from the sun.

VitaminWater-inspired Lip Balm with SPF

Lip Smackers has teamed up with Glacéau, the maker of VitaminWater and SmartWater, to create a line of VitaminWater flavored lip balms formulated with vitamin E and and UV filters.

Pigmented Jojoba Beads for Exfoliation

Worlée-Chemie GmbH has sourced hydrogenated jojoba oil to create exfoliating beads in 11 different shades and two mesh sizes to allow for a variety of product formulations.

Formulating Ferulic Acid for Antioxidation

Joseph Laszlo, PhD, lead scientist for the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Biocatalytic Functionalization of Plant Lipids project, and his team have developed a process through which vegetable oil, in this case soybean oil, can be given antioxidant and UVA/UVB protective capabilities.

Boosting Skin's Acne Defense with Probiotics

Bliss has launched an anti-acne line of skin care. No 'Zit' Sherlock Complete Acne System is formulated with salicytic acid to break up dead cells and oil and and probiotics yogurt and meadowsweet extract to boost skin's natural defenses against bacteria.

May Day Surprise

As I am writing this, the industry has begun to shift into that all familiar new season: travel season. By the time this edition of C&T magazine is out, events such as PCHi, In-Cosmetics, etc., will be under our belts. In fact, now that it’s May, our attention shifts to New Jersey for the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day. What surprises await us there?

Automatic Antibacterial Hand Soap Launched

The No-Touch Hand Soap System and antibacterial soap said to kill 99.9% of bacteria, including E.coli, MRSA and Strep.

Formulate This: Inverse Emulsions

Cosmetics & Toiletries presents "Formulate This,” a new column highlighting commonly asked formulating questions with answers provided by seasoned industry experts. In the present discussion, industry expert Ken Klein discusses inverse emulsions.

Hydrophilic vs. Lipophilic Moisturizers: Penetration Profiles and SC Water Distribution

A recent studying examining study published in Experimental Dermatology examined hydrophilic and lipophilic moisturizers, finding that they have similar penetration profiles but different effects on stratum corneum (SC) water distribution in vivo.

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