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ADA Requests Tooth Whitener Classification from FDA

The American Dental Association (ADA) has published a statement requesting that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) establish appropriate classifications for tooth-whitening chemicals.

Scientists Find Omega-3 Actives to Reduce Gum Inflammation

Scientists from Boston University have uncovered a family of biologically active products of omega-3 fatty acids with the therapeutic potential to resolve periodontal inflammation and restore the health of gums.

Kao Uses Natural Phytic Acid to Brighten Teeth

Kao Corp. has created a toothpaste that removes stain deposits from teeth at the nano level, leaving teeth white and bright.

Women Suffer Greater Dental Decline

Reproduction pressures and rising fertility explain why women suffered a more rapid decline in dental health than did men as humans transitioned from hunter-and-gatherers to farmers and more sedentary pursuits.

Oral Care Formulating Naturally

Yet another market joining in the use of natural ingredients in consumer products is the oral-hygiene industry.

Wrigley Uses Magnolia Bark to Fight Bad Breath

Magnolia bark extract is Wrigley's latest weapon against bad breath, according to a report.

Church & Dwight to Acquire Orajel

Acquisition of Del Pharmaceuticals, Inc. business for $380 million from Coty provides company with access to premium oral care category.

Bench & Beyond: Satisfying an Appetite for Apatite

Technologies to supplement the saliva’s calcium and phosphorus supply are recent. These remineralization techniques are the subject of the rest of this article.

New Sprouts

This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine looks at two newer areas of growth—delivery and oral care—and re-examines existing testing methods and the known mechanisms for hair growth.

Dental Care Employs Nanotechnology

At a time when nanotechnology has crept into many different areas of cosmetics and skin care, it also has managed to reach a new category of personal care.

Bacteria in Personal Care

Two German firms have identified probiotic cultures useful for personal care and hygiene products.

Dental Supplies On the Rise

The US dental supplies market is expected to become a US$22.5 billion market by 2010, according to the Freedonia Group Inc.

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