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C&T With Honey

This issue takes wellness cosmetics to heart. Steep some hot tea with honey, sit back, relax and enjoy an interesting read—it’s good for you, and will surely provide you healthy food for thought. I know I feel better.

Anti-wrinkle Collagen for the Nutricosmetic Market

The ingredient is a marine-based ingredient composed of marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio found naturally in skin.

Macroalgae in Nutricosmetics

Ingested macroalgae and its extracts can provide antiaging benefits such as inhibition of matrix enzymes, glycation, inflammatory activity and elastin calcification. Here, the authors investigated macroalgal extracts on insulin levels of test subjects to determine whether they could control glucose levels.

Nutricosmetic Launch to Utilize Nano-sized Plant Sterols

Eugene Science Inc. has agreed to team up with Kokumin Pharmaceuticals to incorporate its nano-sized plant sterols in a new cosmetic launch.

Anheuser-Busch to Market and Distribute Skin Balance Water

Distribution and marketing of BORBA Skin Balance Waters and drinkable skin care line allows beer company to participate in the emerging nutraceutical beverage category; provides expansion opportunity.

Danish Duo Enter Drinkable Skin Care Market

Eurogran and Chr. Hansen have teamed up to create a hot chocolate drink that is said to benefit the skin.

In Sight: Water from the Inside-out

Why not take advantage of a fluid the body needs and put it to use in other capacities? This is the logic inventor Scott Vincent Borba used nearly six years ago when he conceived the idea for nutraceutical water.

Systemic Evening Primrose Oil for Irritated Skin Care

Researchers tested the effects of orally administered evening primrose oil in a human model of skin irritation on various parameters. At week 12 of the study, significant improvements were observed, suggesting the use of systemic evening primrose oil for supplemental beauty care.

Lip Gloss That Provides Nutritional Benefit

Tarte Cosmetics is set you launch a lip gloss that is actually good to eat.

Nutricosmetics Gains Ground

The cosmetics industry's latest hybrid, nutricosmetics, is seeing growth.

Nutricosmetics on the Rise

In an attempt to slow the aging process without invasive surgery, the personal care industry is seeing the emergence of nutricosmetic products.

Jamaica Entering New Market

Jamaica is drawing ingredients from local producers to enter the market of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.

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