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CLA Glutathione and Sodium DNA for Reducing Hair Loss

A new ingredient blend uses, in one amphiphilic molecule, glutathione’s antioxidant activity and conjugated linoleic acid’s cell protecting functions to support the reduction/oxidation status and vitality of bulb cells. The blend has proven active in treating excessive hair loss. Some advantages over minoxidil are shown.

Post-exercise Body Lotion

The folowing formula is a lotion that is to be applied on the body after physical activity.

Roll-on Lotion Delivers Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Personal care continues to get more personal with topical treatments designed to deliver substances to treat medical conditions.

The Problem with Men

This column describes recent findings about its effect in skin, hair and cosmetics.

A New Hypothesis for the Cause and Treatment for Pseudofolliculitis barbae

Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), also referred to as shaving bumps, razor bumps or ingrown hairs, is a major problem for men, especially black males, who are particularly vulnerable to additional oxidative stress, inflammatory stress and/or infection. This article discusses a possible treatment and prevention of PFB.

Aveda Targets Men in Summer 2007

Aveda is set to launch a men's hair care brand in July 2007.

Hansen Unveils Men's Line

Sally Hansen's male line, Hansen for Men is set to debut in the first half of 2007.

Lancôme Formulates for Men

Lorèal-owned Lancôme is expanding into the men's antiaging skin care market.

A Standstill for Men's Skin Care

Male skin care has seen double-digit growth over the last few years; however, a recent report shows that sales are slowing.


Skin care companies have taken notice of a newer demographic—men. In the past, male grooming primarily consisted of shaving products and deodorants, but as companies launch men-specific products, this market segment is recognizing that skin care is no longer just for women.

Men's Cosmetics, Toiletries Market Strong in Italy

Italy is a strong producer of fragrances and color cosmetics with several multinational cosmetics companies sourcing much of their production in Italy.

Personal Care Products for Men

Personal care products for men and women have traditionally been formulated differently. Products for men are usually characterized by the presence of alcohol, which has rarely been used in cosmetics for women. The appeal to the two groups is also distinct, with men seeking well-being and health and women pursuing health and beauty. Men treat their skin in response to a need, such as shaving, cleansing, and treating cuts and nicks. They are less prone to viewing skin care as an aging-prevention or appearance-enhancing practice. Analysts report, however, that this attitude is changing.