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In Sight: The Road to More Effective Ethnic Skin Care

Ethnic skin and hair care is a growing niche market, but in comparison to hair care, skin care falls short, according to Patrick Obukowho, president and principal consulting chemist at Advantage Research Lab. Although he has seen the ethnic skin care market grow, he still sees room for improvement.

Study Reveals Trend Between Ethnicity and Product Category Choice

Choices in specific categories of personal care products appear to be related to ethnicity, according to a recently released report.

Gentle Lye Relaxer

This polymer-enhanced lye relaxer claims to be gentle to hair and protect the cuticle.

A New Focus for African Hair

Researchers discovered that parents of children with African hair desired products without harsh chemicals that were easily applied to and removed from hair, and products that provided the moisture to make their children’s hair more manageable.

Ethnic Hair Care

Companies are waking up to the potential of the ethnic hair care market. Of the estimated 960 million people of African descent in Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean, 360 million are estimated to be regular or potential users of hair care products. This article discusses formulating some of the products found in the ethnic hair care market.

Asian Skin: Its Architecture, Function And Differences From Caucasian Skin

There are differences between Asian skin and the skin of other races. There also differences in the skin characteristics of Asian subpopulations. These differences are important for development of new products and therapies.

Jafra Kicks Off Hispanic-Focused Campaign

Jafra Cosmetics launches a campaign and products designed to appeal to US Hispanic women.

Mineral Cosmetics for Ethnic Women

A new line of natural mineral makeup extends the darker color palette to meets the needs of the under-served ethnic market.

Asian Hair: Its Properties, Physiology, Protection and the Market for Asian Hair Care

This article discusses the Asian hair care market, properties of Asian hair, its unique physiology, and prototype conditioning formulations to protect and care for this hair type.

Global Trends in Skin Toning

Skin toning is defined and various mechanisms of action are discussed, including examples of molecules working via this mechanism. Specific attention is given to a possible new mechanism of action, namely that of reversed tanning.

Ethnic Hair and Scalp Disorders

This article surveys the racial differences of hair, and then focuses on African-Americans, their hair grooming practices and how these practices relate to the common hair and scalp disorders unique to this population.

Will Ethnic Product Technology Ever Catch up to the Marketing?

In the saturated market of personal care, setting sights for the rich ethnic market seems a no-brainer. According to the United States Census Bureau projections, the non-Caucasian population is predicted to almost double from the current 26% to 47% (of the total U.S. population) by 2050. Black consumers globally spend an estimated $US 2.7 billion on ethnic hair care products and count for 30% of all hair care purchases. But is the industry really addressing the needs and fulfilling the wants of the ethnic consumer? By Laurie DiBerardino

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