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A Sensitive Issue

This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine covers aspects of formulating for sensitive skin types, specifically addressing acne products.

Formula Anatomy Deciphered—Baby Care

The baby care segment of the personal care market offers a limited variety of products that are mostly focused on cleansing and moisturization.

Formulating for Moms-in-the-Making

An expectant mother's diet, environment and lifestyle all affect every stage of natal development; common knowledge dictates that what she eats, drinks and is exposed to all contribute to the health of her child. The same can be said of what she puts onto her skin.

Full Speed Into 2009

The cosmetics and personal care industry has accomplished much in the past year. Formulators are wearing hats from each other’s fields and playing the roles of, among others: biologists, microbiologists, ecologists, botanists, geneticists, pharmacists, marketing specialists

Designing Cleansers for the Unique Needs of Baby Skin

Baby cleansing is important for hygiene, but water alone is insufficient. Additionally, because baby skin is still developing and different from adult skin, adult cleansers are inappropriate. Here, the authors review how baby cleansers containing mild surfactants are milder than and different from adult cleansers.

Infant Skin Microbiology and Its Relation to Skin Health

Colonization of the skin by microorganisms is important in the overall health of an infant. This report discusses the distribution of normal microflora on healthy infant skin, and the role normal and exogenous microbes play in common skin diseases. Current and emerging treatments are discussed.

Report Explores Growth of Baby Body Care

Packaged Facts cites growth of the US$6.9 billion U.S. baby care market, in part, to Americans' embrace of luxury health and beauty care products; notes infant body care now emphasized in prestige outlets.

PCPC Responds to Phthalates in Baby Care

The Personal Care Product Council (PCPC) has released a statement on phthalate exposure in baby care products.

Formulating for Children's Sensitive Skin

The sensitive and delicate nature of infant skin has been well addressed by the current products in the marketplace. More serious skin conditions require a special level of performance. This report highlights the development of surfactant bases designed not to trigger a response during use while maintaining traditional aesthetics.

Baby Cream

The following formula is a w/o cream created for babies.

Low Eye-irritation, Mild Baby Shampoo

This formulation foams comparably to mass-produced brands; however, the viscosity generated is slightly higher.

Mother-to-be Products

British baby company Maclaren will introduce its first beauty line this fall.

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