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Telomerase Research Takes Flight

Telomerase Activation Sciences Inc. has announced the opening of the TA Sciences Center in Manhattan.

Clinique Launches Antioxidant Moisturizer

Clinique has launched a moisturizer that the company claims to diffuse free radical activity.

Tightening Contour Gel

This light gel is formulated to have tightening properties. It prevents the accumulation of lipids in the adipocytes and improves microcirculation.

Caviar, Diamonds and Gold in Personal Care

There is an emerging trend towards using expensive, luxurious and rare ingredients in "super premium" products.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate in Skin-lightening

Skin-lightening products have become more popular around the world. With the increased number of lightening, whitening and brightening products, questions have arisen as to the safety of some skin-bleaching ingredients.

Compass: Slowing the Hands of Time

The natural process of aging will continue, and as long as consumers prefer a younger-looking appearance, formulators are called upon to provide news ways to maintain or turn back the hands of time and their effects on skin.

A Dermatologic View: Thickness of Aging Skin

This review examines the medical literature on the thickness of aging human skin and the common assumption, based on appearance, that elderly skin is thinner. In fact, among dermatological researchers there is great controversy about the effects of aging on the thickness of skin strata.

Elizabeth Arden Fights Age

Elizabeth Arden will release an antiaging line this winter.

Skin Brighteners Emerge in Antiaging

Wrinkles may be a thing of the past when considering antiaging treatments. Skin brighteners are the newest trend in antiaging products.

Generating and Screening a Library of Novel Cosmeceuticals

The development of high throughput biochemical screening technology began in the mid-1980s.

Pomegranate Blend Offered by Extracts & Ingredients

Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. announces the availability of a therapeutic oil blend.

Aging Gracefully

The industry has noticed the baby boomer market, and has answered with lines geared towards making aging women look great...

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