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Rinse-off Serum for Skin Tightening

Peter Thomas Roth utilized a trio of skin tighteners to create a rinse-off serum said to instantly tighten and firm skin.

Algae and Fatty Acids for Antiaging Day Cream

Ole Henriksen has added an antiaging day cream to its Truth line.

Making Lemonade

This issue of C&T magazine addresses various angles of perception in the personal care market.

Antioxidant and Anti-glycation Skin Protection

CellCeuticals Skin Care Inc. has launched a daily face lotion formulated to protect the skin from the premature aging caused by sun damage and free radicals.

Skin Dryness: A New Target for Mature Skin Formulas?

Vichy Laboratoires sponsored a survey of 686 menopausal women to examine skin care concerns in this age group. Interestingly, the survey found that dryness may supersede wrinkles as a concern for women ages 50+.

Antiaging, Rosacea Benefits of Date Palm

At In-Cosmetics in Paris, IBR Ltd. will debut a date palm extract designed to fight aging and provide relief for rosacea.

J&J Researchers Stimulate Skin's Bioelectricity with Microparticle Minerals

Scientists at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc. have studied how the body's electrical field affects skin regeneration to create a topical rejuvenating treatment that reduces the signs of aging with microparticle minerals activated by moisture.

From Hydration to Cell Turnover: An Integral Approach to Antiaging

As the mechanisms of skin aging become better understood, their complexity commands a different approach for antiaging benefits—i.e., integrating multiple complementary actives into a single formulation. In the present article, the authors describe a comprehensive formula designed to effectively address sixteen different mechanisms of skin aging.

Increasing Hypodermal Collagen in Skin Care

This series of plant-derived ingredients by ESLI Proscience Research is said to induce collagen I secretion in human dermal fibroblasts by up to 325%.

Marine Peptides for Reduced Dark Eye Circles

RareMinerals Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream is said to minimize the look of fine lines, restore firmness and reduce puffiness with marine peptides, squalene and the company's ActiveSoil Complex.

Comparatively Speaking: Azelaic Acid vs. Other Diacids

Diacids will become more important to the cosmetic industry, according to O'Lenick, who discusses the source and use for a number of diacids including azelaic acid.

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