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Elizabeth Arden Fights Age

Elizabeth Arden will release an antiaging line this winter.

Skin Brighteners Emerge in Antiaging

Wrinkles may be a thing of the past when considering antiaging treatments. Skin brighteners are the newest trend in antiaging products.

Generating and Screening a Library of Novel Cosmeceuticals

The development of high throughput biochemical screening technology began in the mid-1980s.

Pomegranate Blend Offered by Extracts & Ingredients

Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. announces the availability of a therapeutic oil blend.

Aging Gracefully

The industry has noticed the baby boomer market, and has answered with lines geared towards making aging women look great...

Anti-aging Patch to Launch Worldwide

The anti-aging patch couples a battery with cosmetic ingredients...

Collagen-Boosting, Wrinkle-Reducing Products Hit the Market

The latest offerings in glycosaminoglycan-producing, wrinkle-diminishing products are presented by GTC.

A Botanical Anti-Sagging/Firming Blend

The authors describe a proprietary blend of three standardized herbal extracts designed to assist in the alleviation of the visible signs of aging in human skin.

Italian Company Launches Truffle-based Skin Care

An Italian company claims to have found a new way to younger, healthier and lighter-looking skin using the truffle.

Graceful Aging, Portion Control, Educated Consumers Predicted for 2006

According to the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), more than 156,000 new products appeared on store shelves around the world last year.

Antiaging Increase in Japan

Japan is experiencing an antiaging boom not only in the cosmetics market but also in fitness centers, hot springs, beauty-treatment clinics, cosmetic surgery and restaurants.

Innovations in Dermatology: Rethinking the Aging Face

Dermatologic innovations are addressing the symptoms of aging skin by restoring skin thickness, enhancing humectancy, maintaining barrier function and reversing or preventing inflammation.

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