aProcetyl AWS (INCI: PPG-5 Ceteth 20) is a product of Croda Inc., Edison, N.J., USA.
bPVP K90 (INCI: Polyvinylpyrrolidone) is a product of International Specialty Products, Wayne, N.J., USA.
cMica Powder SA-310 (INCI: Mica) is a product of Kobo Products Inc., South Plainfield, N.J., USA.
dTimiron Starluster MP-115 (INCI: Titanate Mica) is a product of EMD Chemicals Inc./Rona, Gibbstown, N.J., USA.
eMyritol 318 (INCI: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) is a product of Cognis, Monheim am Rhein, Germany.