Formula 4. All natural styling gel*

A. Dehydroxanthan gum (Amaze XT polymer, Azko Nobel) 0.85% w/w
B. Water (aqua) 50.00
C. Tapioca starch (Naviance Tapioca certified organic biopolymer, Azko Nobel) 2.50
D. Deionized water (aqua) 44.95
Glycerin (vegetable grade) 0.25
E. Sodium benzoate 1.00
Benzyl alcohol 0.25
Hydrolyzed wheat protein (and) hydrolyzed wheat starch (and) water (aqua) 0.20

Procedure: Without heat, slowly sift A into B with good agitation (700 rpm), until completely dispersed. Reduce mixing speed to 400 rpm and mix for 15 min to completely hydrate. In a separate mixing vessel, sift C into D with good agitation (~ 400 rpm) and mix until completely dispersed. Slowly add CD to AB. Continue mixing at ~ 400 rpm and heat to 80°C. Hold for 25 min. Cool to 45°C before adding E in order. Mix until homogenous. Fill containers. Viscosity: 15,000–20,000 cps; Brkfld Heliopath Spindle #T-C /10 rpm; pH 5.0–7.0

*Note: Formula provided courtesy of Akzo Nobel; naturally derived ingredients in this styling gel provide moderate stiffness with humidity resistance and a pleasant aesthetic feel. Tapioca starch offers texture and hold with excellent aesthetics while dehydroxanthan gum polymer yields rheology and high humidity hold.