Categories for Advertising and Labeling Claims

1. Substrate type
a. Hair
     i. Hair care
     ii. Depilatories
b. Nails c. Skin
     i. Exfoliants (including AHAs, scrubs and peels) 
     ii. Moisturizers
     iii. Cleansers/astrigents/ toners
     iv. Contour creams v. Acne-prone skin
     vi. Oil management

2. Product type
a. Oral care products
     i. Dentifrice/cosmetic chewing gum
     ii. Mouthwash/breath fresheners
     iii. Tooth whiteners
          1. strips/solutions
          2. whitening mouthwashes
b. Deodorant 
c. Perfumes/fragrances/colognes/ body sprays
d. Cosmetic sun care products
e. Vitamins/minerals/antioxidants
f. Aromatherapy
g. Intimate products 
     i. Personal lubricants
     ii. Sex-related topical products
h. Massage oils
i. Makeup

3. Claim type
a. Antiaging/antiwrinkle
b. Healthy
c. Ingredient
     i. Active
     ii. Biological
d. Nourish/replenish
e. Relax
f. Respiration
g. Energize/revitalize
h. Therapy/treatment
i. Lift/lifting
j. Endorsements