Formula 6. Dry Idea Antiperspirant/Deodorant

This is a classical AP w/o emulsion clear gel.

Aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex GLY active 16 approx. % w/w
Water (aqua) volatile carrier, hydrous 45–55
Alcohol denat. volatile carrier, hydrous 5–10
Calcium chloride hydrogen bonding enhancer 0.25–0.5
Propylene glycol refractive index adjuster 1–5
Cyclopentasiloxane volatile carrier, anhydrous 5–10
Dimethicone emollient, antiwhitening 2.5–5
Trisiloxane volatile carrier, anhydrous 1-5
PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethicone emulsifier 7.5–10
Fragrance (parfum) scent qs

Procedure: Mix A in an aqueous tank. Separately mix C in a silicone tank. Compare refractive index of A and C, which should be + 0.005 max to assure best clarity. Adjust A with B to achieve the maximum refractive index spread between the two phases. This will require readjustment of the ratios in A. Using high speed turbulent mixing, slowly add AB to C over 20–60 min without any heat. Apply in-line homogenization and transfer material to a holding tank for filling. This increases clarity and viscosity.
Note: One could eliminate alcohol and replace it with water as well as substitute any volatile or semi-volatile carrier for trisiloxane at 1–5% w/w. In addition, another high refractive index glycolic or water-soluble ingredient could substitute for propylene glycol, and another high refractive index emollient such as phenyl trimethicone could be used in place of dimethicone to reduce skin whitening. Magnesium or sodium chloride could replace calcium chloride.