Formula 1. Right Guard Xtreme PowerStripe Deodorant

This classical cyclomethicone/stearyl alcohol/hydrogenated castor oil formula has some minor additions for claims and skin feel.

Aluminium zirconium pentachlorohydrex GLY active ~17.6% w/w
Cyclopentasiloxane volatile carrier 45–55 C
PPG-14 butyl ether wetting/dispersing agent 2.5–7.5
Stearyl alcohol solidification 12–18
Hydrogenated castor oil co-solidification  2.5–7.5
Myristyl myristate skin emollient 1–5
Fragrance (parfum) scent 1–5
Silica dimethyl silylate viscosity enhancer 1–2
Zea mays (corn) starch encapsulant qs
Silica viscosity enhancer < 0.25
Chromium hydroxide green (and) Yellow 5 lake colorant qs

Procedure: Disperse A in B. Add C to AB and homogenize to improve active dispersion and uniform particle size. Heat to 70–75°C. Stay below cyclomethicone flash point. Separately heat D to ~ 80–85°C. Cool to ~ 75°C. Add D to ABC and homogenize to ensure creamy, soft-feeling stick. Cool to ~ 55–60°C. Add E to batch. Cool to pour temperature (~ 50–53°C). During pouring, balance the need to cool rapidly with the need to generate the right crystalline matrix. Time also depends on heat transfer capabilities; in the lab, approx. 1–2 hr to achieve < 30°C; Note: One could add enhancers such as alkyl methyl siloxane waxes to increase the cooling rate