aOxynex LM (INCI: (Tocopherol (and) Lecithin (and) Ascorbyl Palmitate (and) Glyceryl Stearate (and) Glyceryl Oleate (and) Citric Acid) is a product of Merck, Darmstadt, Germany.

bEuxyl K300 (INCI: Phenoxyethanol (and) Methylparaben (and) Butylparaben (and) Ethylparaben (and) Propylparaben (and) Isobutylparaben) is a product and trademark of schülke inc., Norderstedt,Germany.

cFlamenco Sparkle Red 420 (INCI: Titanium mica) is a product of Kosei Co., Ltd.

 dBotox is a product and trademark of Allergan, Inc., Irvine, Calif., USA.