Supporting Claims for Sulfo-carrabioses Solution

Here is how BASF tested the efficacy of its sulfo-carrabioses ingredient:5

Researchers evaluated the capacity of this active to trap spermine and spermidine in tubo. Spermine and spermidine are two positively charged molecules, so they bind with DNA, causing it to precipitate in solution. This is shown by an increase in the optical density (OD) in tubo, using spectrophotometry. A spermine and spermidine trap prevents the precipitation and causes a decrease in OD.

Researchers evaluated the effects of this active in inhibiting lipogenesis and inducing lipolysis in live adipocytes, compared to a negative control. Live adipocytes from human donors were obtained and grown in culture. To demonstrate lipogenesis, researchers used liquid scintillation to measure the incorporation of radioactive acetate into the adipocytes. To demonstrate lipolysis, an NEFA-C kit was used to assay the free fatty acids that were released by the adipocytes into the culture medium.

Researchers then evaluated pre-adipocyte proliferation in the presence of this active, compared to caffeine and negative control. Pre-adipocytes were obtained from human donors and grown in culture medium; after seven days of treatment, a Malassez cell was used to count the cells under optical microscope.

Researchers finally evaluated the slimming effect of this active, compared to a placebo. Instrumental data, clinical scores and self-evaluation questionnaires were obtained during and after an eight-week treatment period. Instrumental data included centimetric thigh circumference measurements and thigh volumes obtained using Fringe projection.