Footnotes (CT1403 Auriol)

a Neodermyl (INCI: Water (aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Methyl-glucoside Phosphate (and) Copper Lysinate), Induchem

b Young (P7-NHDF) and aged (P17-NHDF) primary human fibroblasts and culture medium, Bioalternatives

c Pro-collagen I ELISA kit, ref. MK101, Takara Bio, Inc.

d Survival culture medium, Bio-EC

e, g, j Leica microtome, CM cryostat and microscope, Leica Biosystems

f, h Superfrost and silanized glass slides, Thermo Scientific

k Anti-collagen I rabbit polyclonal antibody, ref. PS047, Monosan-Tebu Bio

m Anti-collagen III goat polyclonal antibody, ref. 1330-01, SouthernBiotech

n Anti-tropoelastin mouse antibody, ref. MAB2503, EMD Millipore

p Anti-elastin rabbit polyclonal antibody, ref. 25011, Novotec

q SIAscope V scanning device, by Vita Clinika

r SkinEvidence Visio device, Laboratoires La Licorne, SA

s Cutometer MPA 580, Courage & Khazaka

t DermaTOP system, EOTECH

u Toposurf software, a part of MATLAB; Mathworks, Inc.