Footnotes (CT1109 Dell'Acqua)

a Unilucent PA-13 (INCI: Panthenyl Triacetate (and) Acetyl Rheum Rhaponticum Root Extract) is a product of Induchem, Zürich, Switzerland.
b RMX-3W is a radiometer manufactured by Vilbert Lourmat, Marne-la-Vallée Cedex, France.
c The Orthoplan 25x is a microscope that was once manufactured by Ernst Leitz GmbH, now Leica Microsystems AG, Wetzlar, Germany.
d DXC-390P is a camera manufactured by Sony, Tokyo.
e QWin-Pro V2.4 Imagin Solution is a software manufactured by Leica Microsystems AG, Wetzlar, Germany.
f Mexameter MX 18 is a probe manufactured by Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH, Köln, Germany.
g CM-700d is a spectrophotometer manufactured by Konica Minolta, Tokyo.