Footnotes (CT1104 Mundschau)

a Vistamaxx 1100 olefin elastomer resin is manufactured by ExxonMobil.
b The Nova DPM 9003 device is manufactured by Nova Technology Corp.
c The Brookhaven BI-870 meter is manufactured by Brookhaven Instruments.
d The Synergie 200 Constant Rate of Extension tensile tester is manufactured by MTS systems; corporation gauge separation = 102 mm; crosshead speed = 508 mm/min; cycle elongation = 100%.
e Additional elastomeric resins tested included: Kraton (Kraton Polymers, LCC); EXACT 5361 (ExxonMobil); Vistamaxx (ExxonMobil); Catalloy KS527 (LyondellBassell); and Lycra (Invista).
f Scott is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark.