Biography: Fabio Rinaldi, MD, Studio Rinaldi & Associates S.r.l.

Fabio Rinaldi, MD, is a dermatologist with Studio Rinaldi & Associates S.r.l., where he serves as head of the Dermatological Centre. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Milan in medicine and surgery and specialized in dermatology and venereology. In 1987, Rinaldi joined the San Raffaele-Resnati Hospital's Department of Dermatology, which he headed until 2000. He then headed the Department of Dermatology at Multimedica Policlinic until 2003, at which point he founded Studio Rinaldi. He is a contract professor at the University of L’Aquila,  a contract professor in the Master in Plastic Dermatology at the University of Milan and a contract professor in the Master in Trichology at the University of Florence. Since 2002, he has been the coordinator of the training course in Dermatologic Laser Surgery at the Laser Surgery School of the Cancer Institute. His areas of research include laser technology in dermatologic surgery, treatments for hair loss, amino acid receptors and growth factors in dermal papilla, treatment of skin ulcers, treatment of vitiligo and using Philpott's technique of cell culture of hair bulbs for trichological research. Rinaldi's research has been published in Dermatologic Laser Review, Dermatology Clinic, Archives of Dermatology and Experimental Dermatology, among others. He is a member of the Italian Electrotechnical Commission (Commissione Elettrotecnica Italiana (CEI)).

Rinaldi will be presenting in the Hair Science in Cosmetic Research workshop on Apr. 17, 2013, at in-cosmetics 2013 in Paris.