Source Presentations, Nov. 16

Following are the Source Presentations for Nov. 16, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The most current Source Presentations can be found on the SCS Formulate website.

Personal Care and Colour Cosmetics-New Ways of Mixing
Philipp Todtenhaupt, Ekato Systems
New Silicone-Based W/O Emulsifiers Matching Current Market Trends in Personal Care
Achim Friedrich, PhD, Evonik Goldschmidt
Latest Innovative Technologies from Dow Personal Care
Dow Personal Care
Healthy Hair Dynamics
Mike Hindley, Croda Europe Consumer Care
Dermosoft Decalact: a New Antimicrobial Active to Prevent Dandruff and Other Skin Conditions
Wilfried Petersen, PhD, Dr Straetmans
Coming Closer to the Fountain of Youth
Frederic Pilz, PhD, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland)
Challenges and Solutions for Formulating 'Sulfate-Free' Products
Mike McDonough, Innospec
Baycusan C 1008: A New Film Forming Polyurethane Polymer for Hair Styling Formulations
Sophie Viala, PhD, Bayer Material Science AG
Revolutionise Your Natural Formulations! One Ingredient, Many Uses–Sucragel
Caroline Recardo, Alfa Chemicals Personal Care Division
Preserve the Beauty of Your Products Using Either Nipaguard PO blends, or Velsan SC
Frederic Pilz, PhD, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland)
New Directions: Novel Technology to Address the Current Market
Ruth Borner, PhD, Lehvoss UK Paroxite Division
Improving the SPF of Suncare Products Using Spider Esters
Kevin O’Lenick, Surfatech LLC
Fragrance Delivery Systems for Personal Care Products
Bryan Grossman, Salvona
Simulgreen 18-2: New Green Based O/W Emulsifier with Improved Sensory Profile
Sophie Cambos, Seppic
Alternative Methods of Microbiological Control
Jenni Hollinsworth, Isotron
Tilamar, the Most Innovative Polymers
Manuela Pflaumbaum, PhD, DSM Nutritional Products Europe
New Silicone-Free Conditioning Performance: Synergies in Haircare with Zenix Phosphate Esters and N-Hance Cationic Guars
David Popplewell, Ashland Aqualon