*Adapted from H Maibach, Anti-irritant agents, in The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics: Cosmetic Specialties and Ingredients, 2nd edn, ch 1, ML Schlossman, ed, Allured Business Media, Carol Stream, IL USA (2010) pp 1–39
a Kerodex 51 is a cream manufactured by Medtech Inc., Jackson, WY USA.
b Kerodex 71 is a cream manufactured by Medtech, Inc., Jackson, WY USA.
c PGV plus Lad-Fos (LF) is a cream manufactured by 3M Company, St. Paul, MN USA.
d Vaseline is a product manufactured by Unilever.
e Dardia Lipo Cream, Lipo Milk and Lipo Ointment are products manufactured by Intendis GmbH, Berlin.